De geschiedenis van de TOSAF Group

For the past three decades, Tosaf has been acquiring and establishing plants, production sites and R&D divisions worldwide
in order to provide its global customers with state-of-the-art Colors, Additives and Compounds.

  • 1986

    Tosaf Colors and Additives is founded

  • 1993

    Production of Additives and Compounds in a new plant begins

  • 2001

    30% of Tosaf is acquired by Ravago

  • 2001

    The holding company Tosaf Int'l BV is established

  • 2003

    Tosaf Turkey and Tosaf Benelux are founded

  • 2003

    51% of Color Service GmbH in Germany are acquired by Tosaf

  • 2004

    Colloids UK is acquired by Tosaf

  • 2005

    Color Plastic, Germany, is acquired by Tosaf

  • 2006

    Resinex is founded

  • 2007

    Tosaf MBS is founded in Ukraine

  • 2007

    New Compoundmasters BV is founded in the Netherlands

  • 2008

    Colcom, the Netherlands, is acquired by Tosaf

  • 2009

    A new Compounds and White plant is established

  • 2009

    Impact Color Resin is founded in the UK

  • 2010

    Tosaf acquires the remaining 49% of Color Service GmbH in Germany

  • 2011

    Merger of Tosaf Belgium, New Compoundmasters BV and Colcom Europe BV. By the alias: TOSAF Benelux BV

  • 2014

    Colloids set up a manufacturing plant in Changshu, China

  • 2014

    Tosaf Benelux BV relocates to the new production site in Tilburg, the Netherlands

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